BOB Lane

Director of Operations and Sales

I am the Director of Operations for Community Transformation Partnership Power (CTP-Power), which makes me accountable for the day-to-day operations and leading the effort in client facing contact, business plan development, sales and marketing, and solar deal engagement.

With 25 years of experience working in leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies, I have gained significant expertise in developing and improving key segments of their businesses. This includes project management, business process excellence, learning development, systems development, transportation management, and logistics process engineering.

Along the way I have become certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP certified, grown a strong educational background in math, computer science, and business administration and received several degrees from Bradley University. Additionally I have owned and managed several small businesses in the local community.

In 2016, I made the hard decision to leave corporate employment in pursuit of opportunities that directly improve local communities. I wanted to create jobs and initiate economic change for disadvantaged populations.  With my background in corporate business, small business development, and volunteer efforts in community development, I believe I have a strong foundation for driving solar development.

Since my childhood of working on a farm, I have always been an outdoors person. All the more reason of why conservation and preservation of the environment has resonated so strongly with me.  Finding sources of clean and renewable energy is vital to saving the environment for future generations. CTP-Power provides the opportunity to help the environment in a meaningful way. I also have a desire to help eliminate poverty wherever possible.  The jobs and opportunities created by CTP-Power will help disadvantaged populations raise themselves out of poverty.

CTP-Power will provide an alternative energy source that is sustainable and renewable, while keeping the environment cleaner and safer for future generations.  As this is happening, many living wage jobs will be created for those who come from disadvantaged populations, helping them to raise themselves out of poverty into the middle class.  This economic shift in the population goes a long way in creating a more stable family and community structure.