Community Transformation Partnership - Power (CTP-Power) was created from what
we believe is God’s calling to positively impact the world around us (Leviticus 19: 9-10) & (Deuteronomy 15: 1-11). In the communities around us, there are lots of economically disadvantaged people and a great deal of hazardous behaviors impacting our environment. We decided to do something about it.

In a traditional business model, a business finds a product or service that the world needs and they go to work to bring that product or service to the market.  They let the market dictate the demand for their product or service and build their business to satisfy the market demand. This process creates jobs and opportunities for many in the community. As the business thrives, it constantly evolves and grows to meet the challenges of the market. They employ and train people who have agile skills and can make a difference
in their organization. Often, the groups of people who are most economically disadvantaged are left out.  And sometimes the environment is compromised for the
sake of progress in creating the product the company makes. Our goal is to build a business that changes that model – to move the poor into the middle class while also
being environmentally responsible.

For generations, there have been not-for-profit organizations who share the same goal but fall far short in the end. A key reason for this is that the not-for-profit model is not part of the for-profit market. Many not-for-profit organizations put people in need through training programs with vague promises of a job at the end of the course.  But problems arise when it comes to placing people in the available jobs within the market. The promise of a career often goes unfulfilled because the not-for-profit organization is not involved in the actual for-profit market where jobs exist. In the end, the chronically unemployed remain unemployed and the disappointed individuals are much more difficult to recruit into future training programs. Since a not-for-profit organization doesn’t have the power to actually hire someone into the for-profit market, the marginalized go back to the life they had in poverty.

Here at CTP-Power, we found that the best solution is to be a part of both the non-profit and the market-driven world. Through our sister not-for-profit organizations, we gain access to the marginalized population and embrace grants for job training.  With our for-profit social enterprise, we can hire and develop people to advance in their career field of choice. As a person begins to rise out of poverty, we are involved and provide support in every step of the process. The end result is that men and women that were formerly chronically unemployed are now able to support themselves and their families.

Of equal importance to us, is the goal of leaving the earth better than we found it for future generations. The need for responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources is one of the main reasons we have become involved in the emerging field of solar energy.  Through solar energy and other clean and green energy solutions, we can turn around the circumstances that leave much of our population (especially those in poorer communities and communities of color) battling pollution related health issues. It is our desire as a environmentally conscious energy company to provide energy in a way that sustains the creation around us, improves the health of the populations where we work and provides employment opportunities for all people regardless of race, ethnic background or economic class. In all of this, we strive to be a company that is part of the moral backbone of our society by creating higher wages and a greener earth for a better world.