Creating higher wages and a greener earth for a better world.


Help the poor move into the middle class while creating jobs in all socioeconomic classes.  We want to do this in a way that is respectful and sustainable to the environment and consistent with our Christian values.


  • If we don’t agree, that’s okay. Disagreements can be healthy. However, once a decision is made, it’s up to all of us to support it.

  • We honor each other’s requests to keep something confidential.

  • We don’t endorse, and actively discourage, gossip.

  • We’re human beings, and we recognize that we may not be at our best every day.

  • We are prepared, on time, and ready to contribute.

  • We put God first in everything we do.  He is our CEO, we invite Him to be a part of everything we do, we thank Him for every opportunity to learn and grow, and we give to Him before we give to ourselves.

  • We consider the needs of the people we work with in our communication – and make sure our expectations are clear.

  • This is a safe place to make honest mistakes. Tell us about them right away and we can work through them.

  • We are mindful of providing sufficient time for others to respond to our requests.

  • We work in a lot of gray areas. We empower each other to make our best decisions and move on.