Director of Education & Training

I am the director of education and training for CTP-Power.  My main responsibilities are writing and editing our solar training curriculum for the soft skills training (character skills necessary for any individual to be hired, to maintain employment and to advance in employment) portion of the programming and coordination of the necessary technical skills training
each individual will need. Along with that I instruct the trainers as well as coordinating the recording of video lessons to be used as part of a training package that can be accessed by our contractors and sub-contractors
across the nation.

Over the last 30 years, I have been a pastor in the church and a teacher in secular settings.  As a teacher, I have taught every age group from kindergarten to college students. My Masters degree is in education and I have been a special education instructor focusing in vocational education in the U.S and internationally in Jordan and Thailand.  As a pastor I have been an instructor using our faith-based training materials and I have written curriculum for parenting and marriage classes that we have used as part of our soft-skills training in both community and prison classes.

All of my adult life I have worked in areas where the major underlying problem is poverty.  Participating in numerous training programs that gave people hope for a career and a better life only disappointed them because we did not have any control or influence over the companies that could hire our trained clients.  CTP-power gives us an opportunity to own the entire process from recruiting to job training to hiring to advancement within the industry. By owning the process and an actual business in solar energy, we can increase the likelihood of offering living and prevailing wage jobs to those whom are normally marginalized and left out of the job market. The fact that we can do this
and provide clean energy that increases the livability of our planet is
an added bonus.

My vision for CTP-Power is for a company that reaches out to those that are not normally a part of the employment pool. Where living and prevailing wage jobs are offered and provide an avenue for rising out of generational poverty. I envision training programs in distressed neighborhoods, prisons, and jails around the country, giving hope to those who thought a career wasn’t a possibility. I envision a sustainable business that builds energy systems that provide clean energy around the nation.  I envision us contributing to a world with less pollution, better health and economic progression from poverty into the middle class. I envision families that could only survive before, now being able to purchase vehicles, put a down payment down on a home and save for their children’s college. I envision us as a company that can provide hope and a realistic pathway to the potential God has placed in each employee regardless of race, ethnic group, their current economic situation, mistakes that may have been made in the past or barriers that society has placed in front of them.