CTP-POWER partners with solar design/build companies, investors & other solar marketing groups to provide solar array systems for churches & other not-for-profit entities (such as educational, medical & governmental facilities) through a process that frees our solar customers of the obligation of paying typical upfront out-of-pocket expenses to receive their solar systems. 

In our process, investors cover all expenses and this enables those who are often the least able to afford the benefits of solar energy (including reduced energy costs) to acquire them.

Our marketing process permits us to share (pre & post-installation) funds from the installation of our solar systems with others from historically-disenfranchised impoverished communities to cause wealth building in those communities. 

Our process helps others who have been trapped at the bottom of our nation’s economic system to move into our nation’s middle class. Through our process they are able to enjoy the dream of economic security to own homes, have health care, & send their loved ones to college.