General Counsel

I am General Counsel for Community Transformation Partnership Power (CTP-Power).  My duties include negotiating deals, drafting and administering contacts, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations, assisting with sales and marketing, and solar deal engagement.

I’ve been involved in numerous businesses throughout my life, whether as owner, partial owner, or as counsel for such.  Most businesses have the singular goal of attaining as much wealth as possible.  CTP-POWER is different. Its goals include creating wealth while also pouring it back into the community. CTP-Power wants to help lift struggling communities out of poverty and sustain economies so individuals and their children can enjoy a more prosperous life.  We also want to promote new technologies to reduce emissions from fossil fuels, thus creating a cleaner and safer environment.  These goals and the people promoting them are my inspiration for joining CTP-POWER.

With proper financial investment, I have no doubt CTP-Power will create a better world for our generation and those to come after us.  CTP-Power at its peak can be the catalyst of opportunity in creating employment in communities where good paying jobs are few and far between.  My vision and hope as CTP-Power grows is that it becomes a leader in the marketing and development of solar power.

In 1993, I received a B.S. from the University of Southern Indiana and followed with earning my M.S. from Eastern Illinois University in 1995 and my J.D. from Southern Illinois University School of Law in 2003. I have more than 20 years of experience as a small business owner and extensive experience in energy law.  This includes drafting and negotiating oil and gas leases, mineral sale agreements, and surface use agreements. Currently I am lead counsel at Kuykendall Law Offices in Peoria, Illinois. My practice focuses on assisting clients with a variety of corporate and business transactional matters with an emphasis in business and family immigration.