President & Director of Business Development

Over approximately the past 15 years, I have been developing and refining the Community Transformation Ministry Community Transformation concept.  Rev. Cliff Parks has been a critical component of the process and has provided tremendous support for the process since our churches merged together to form Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship Church approximately 13 years ago.  I have been providing the visionary direction in the development of the concept and how it works within the social enterprise of our church and its sister corporations. This includes our not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 community development corp. and our related LLCs.  I serve as President of our Community Transformation Partnership Power LLC or CTP-POWER , and continue to drive the vision of Community Transformation forward. 

I served my first 7 years of ministry in and around East St. Louis, IL. It was there, in which I saw massive devastating poverty. During that time I committed to the Lord that if he ever had me to become the senior pastor of a church, I would use my opportunity to work on reducing poverty as well as fulfilling the other responsibilities that are associated with pastoring a church.  In 1986, I came to Peoria as a church planter and began to fulfill my earlier commitment and promise to the Lord.  Taking the opportunity He provided and evangelizing people through the church, we began developing opportunities and programs to help those in poverty and disadvantaged communities.  I was part of a larger group of community organizers and others that participated in the negotiation of the agreement that became known as the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which was signed into law in December of 2016, and governs how green energy is regulated in Illinois. It is believed that this law will inspire the creation of up to 35,000 new green energy jobs across Illinois by 2030. With the passage of FEJA, I worked to have our Community Development Corp. collaborate with Illinois Central College and the Tri-County Urban League to become designated as a training site within the official Illinois solar-pipeline training network. And I worked with other members of our church to form our CTP-POWER LLC to help create living and prevailing wage solar jobs that disenfranchised poor individuals can obtain along with others from the middle and upper classes.

During approximately my first decade of serving in ministry from the early 1970s through 1985, I also served primarily in marketing management for the old Bell Telephone System. In doing so, I learned and have since utilized many different concepts about business and marketing while developing our Community Transformation model and the various applications of it.

CTP-POWER serves as the sales and marketing company for design-build solar companies that partner with us. In doing so, we are creating agreements with solar companies to provide solar jobs for individuals and families in numerous states across our country. These agreements will enable us to provide jobs associated with the installation of multiplied thousands of solar systems across our country. Therefore, through the revenue generated and jobs created, CTP-POWER will help us to create higher wages and a greener earth for a better world.